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The first time Chris and I met was in High School on a school bus at the Iowa State 4-H Conference. Little did we know, this by chance meeting would take us down the road. We don't remember much about that day but we know we met for a reason! Our lives took us down different paths after high school, Chris attended Iowa State University where he majored in Ag Engineering. and I moved Los Angeles to be in a performing arts company traveling the world  before moving to Hallmark Institute of Photography in New York City.  However throughout the years out lives crossed paths many times without us knowing it.  In August of 2011 a mutual friend reconnected us and our journey began!

We both share a passion for travel and adventure, Chris has his pilots license and we love to take little trips. Chris humors me by letting me take a thousand pictures!!! We love to cook and enjoy spending time together eating good food and drinking red wine! Some of our favorite memories we have together were made cooking and baking together in the kitchen! Every trip we plan revolves around the restaurants and vineyards we want to visit.  Chris now works for John Deere.  When I am not photographing weddings, we cheer loud wearing cardinal and gold for the Iowa State Cyclones.

In 2013 Chris surprised me and took me to the photographer that photographed his senior portraits. At the studio they still had a full functioning darkroom in the basement. Here the photographer taught us how to develop and print black and white film. After teaching us the whole process Chris exposed the first negative to light making an 8x10 enlargement. The image was of Chris' grandparents on their wedding day. Then it was Marla's turn! She put the next sheet in the developer expecting it to be the same image but instead slowly after a few minutes an image of Chris down on one knee holding the ring appeared with "Marry Me?" across the background! He knows how to make me smile!

July 12th 2014 I said I do to the most amazing man in the world!  The day was unforgettable filled with friends and family, lots of laughter, and special moments that truly reflected us.  The day didn't go without a glitch but it was perfect in every way!  I would not change a thing from the stresses of rain ruining our outdoor ceremony, to the perfect personalized vows, to honky-tonk music on the bus and an extremely hot day! It was perfect! Perfect because it was spent with the people we love, and perfect because at the end of the day we were married and excited to spend the rest of our lives together!  

In October of 2015 our hearts grew as we welcomed a beautiful little girl Brenna into our world!  She is smily, loves to giggle, and is far beyond amazing!  We could not be happier with this little family we are blessed with!